Franchising Opportunities
Is restaurant experience necessary to run this business?
  • Basic fundamentals of business are necessary
  • While it is helpful you will have training and ongoing support
  • Hiring proper staff with basic food prep/cooking knowledge is necessary
  • We will support your venture by training you and your staff
What is included in Franchise Ownership?
  • Use of a fully branded and trademarked name
  • Ongoing HQ support
  • Updated menu items
  • Future financial stability
  • First right of refusal for new restaurants in proximity
  • System structure
  • Integrated content management to TIP website for your location
  • Proven planned flow design for frontend, back house and kitchen
  • Product manuals, procedures and policies
  • Purchase freedom on selected items
Quality of Sucess
  • Owner/Operators only
  • Investors will not be considered.
  • Positive attitude and open mind towards the TIP structure with the willingness to succeed is key
  • Hard work and dedication
  • Surround yourself with a passionate team to create a great work environment
How long is the franchise agreement?
  • It is 10 years renewable for an additional 10 years
What is the initial cost of the franchise?
  • The initial cost is $25,000 payable on signing of the agreement
  • Franchisee is responsible for all leasehold improvements and construction of restaurant
    With a 6 month time frame to open
  • Turnkey option is also available. We will build and oversee the construction
Can I reserve future locations?
  • You have first right of refusal
  • You can reserve future locations to open within 8 months, $15K due on reserve $15K due on signing
What is the cost to build the store?
  • The cost of construction varies. It primarily depends on size, equipment, format of establishment and location
  • An estimate can be provided during an interview process
How much is the royalty fees and how is it collected?
  • The royalty fee is 6% of gross sales (Net + comps + discounts) payable weekly
  • A POS system will be provided for your location which the menu and price structure will be setup
  • The POS system requires internet access as it will be polled and audited to track sales
Is there advertising fees?
  • Yes there is advertising fees. The fees for corporate advertising are 1.5% of net sale and the franchisor is required to spend 1.5% of net sale for local advertisement
  • Web advertising is integrated in the website
Open Communication
  • Keep the communication flowing, after all you will be part of the family
  • Ideas or suggestions can help grow your business and better the brand
  • Our team is available for support at any time
What makes us different?
  • We use only fresh quality ingredients, whether it be our meats or fresh produce
  • 95% of our products require cooking or assembly of a TIP member. This ensures product integrity
  • 50 years of combined foodservice knowledge
  • Old world recipes passed down from our southern Calabrese roots
  • Approachable Italian fare
  • Top Choice Award winners for “Best Italian Restaurant” 4 years consecutive
  • Featured on The Food Networks “You Gotta Eat Here” Fan Favorite Edition
  • Featured On The Food Networks “You Gotta Eat Here” All Italian Edition

If you are interested or require further information, please contact us with the information listed below.

Email: info@thatitalianplace.ca
Phone: (905) 451-5552
Fax: (905) 451-9222