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Paul explaining to John Catucci what he does with the pan juices.The Stare Down. Paul, John Catucci & Big G.TIP Girlz with John CatucciMegan & John CatucciJohn Catucci shooting the Intro John Catucci rehearsing the introJohn Catucci & the Big StromboliJohn Catucci starting the Pomodoro sauceJohn Catucci and his big come back, aimed towards me.Jim Morrisom IV making sure all is wellPaul revealing the Porchetta to John CatucciPasquale getting wired for soundPaul cooking up the Rapini with John CatucciJohn Catucci making fun of Paul. Paul & John Catucci & the PorchettaGino & Jon Catucci Making MeatballsThe Crew smashing lunch at TIPThe YGEH Crew having lunchGino & John Catucci playing with the balls.Paul, John & Gino. Kitchen day closed shoot.Scotty Lights being setThats a nice cameraScotty's Sound equipmentJory checking out the setTIP starting to fill upThe man Shooting the